The Doctor’s Wife Menthe Blanche is the First in Class patented MICROFOLIATOR, unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever used on your skin. From an elite Parisian laboratory comes this combination MICRODERMABRASION / EXFOLIATOR (microfoliator) that renews your skin surface like never before, combining two powerful treatments into your daily routine.

How can such potency be so gentle on your skin? EASY! The synthesized power of mild microdermabrasion crystals with subclinical exfoliation provides a safety margin protecting you from irritation, and complementing the effectiveness of one another for unsurpassed skin cleansing and revitalization. After several days use, you will see real improvement in your skin, and very likely, so will your friends, family, and significant others! Meanwhile, washing your face will become an experience you look forward to ENJOYING every day! Join us in LOVING MENTHE BLANCHE!!