Treating yourself CAN be healthy, if it’s an extra few minutes in the shower or at your sink with The Doctor’s Wife® Menthe Blanche.  We put the FUN into skin care, and keep it simple.  Using Menthe Blanche regularly deep cleans, adds glow to ALL skin types, washes away oil, particulate debris, and cosmetics residue.   Pores are emptied, and shrink as a result, smoothing your skin surface over time.  Menthe Blanche also prevents break-outs when used regularly!  You will FEEL the difference instantly, and enjoy a new, pleasant cleansing sensation.

Most users see enough improvement in their complexion to use less make up, less frequently.

Who said all pleasures must be guilty?  Dieting is healthy, but not always fun.  Chocolate is fun, but not always healthy.  

The Doctor’s Wife is healthy for your skin, AND fun!