The Irresistible Prickly Pear Oil is Now 20% Off!!!

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Prickly Pear Oil
Anti-Aging and 100% Natural
Formulated with the rare seeds of hand picked Moroccan Prickly Pear, this oil from the driest desert is a powerful natural humectant, containing very high levels of essential fatty acids. Moisture is restored for a youthful skin surface. Penetration of the oil prevents dryness, preserves and lubricates the […]

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The Doctor’s Wife at “The PAC”

Thank you for joining The Doctor’s Wife Skin Care and The Sanctuary Spa for PURE Spa Night at The Pacific Sports Resort San Diego (“The Pac”) last Friday. The event had a great turnout, with many TDW supporters.

Don’t forget to claim your 20% discount on your favorite TDW products by applying the coupon code PAC20 […]

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The Doctor’s Wife Menthe Blanche is the First in Class patented MICROFOLIATOR, unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever used on your skin. From an elite Parisian laboratory comes this combination MICRODERMABRASION / EXFOLIATOR (microfoliator) that renews your skin surface like never before, combining two powerful treatments into your daily routine.

How can such potency be so gentle on […]

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TDW Skin Care Musts #3 – Prickly Pear Anti-aging Oil

We are proud to introduce our #3 product in the TDW Musts 4 Step Daily Skin Routine –  The Anti-aging Prickly Pear Oil. Purus Prickly Pear Oil is easily absorbed through the skin, it exerts powerful regenerating and restructuring properties. Prickly pear oil rejuvenates mature skin and also gives it a slight lifting effect. Regular […]

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To Drink Wine Or Not To Drink Wine?

We have been hearing for years that moderate drinking of red wine is not only good for the heart but also for anti-aging purposes due to an ingredient called resveratrol. With more studies being performed and accusations of scientists falsifying results the question now remains: To drink red wine or not to drink red wine?

According […]

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San Diego Symphony Holiday Beauty Event 2011

The Doctor’s Wife Skin Care selection was the featured product line at the 2011 San Diego Symphony Holiday Beauty Event in Downtown San Diego. Held at a 5th Avenue Penthouse, the Event attracted notable San Diego glitterati who enjoyed an evening of premium beauty products and services, jewelry, accessories, couture, gourmet food, and fine […]

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